Although playing by yourself may be fun, competing with another player is much more thrilling. This is what lures more and more people to get hooked to LAN games. Consoles have made it much easier to do this by including a feature that enables you to add another player.

However, the more developed gaming systems are becoming bulkier hence only accessible to a few.

LAN gaming is a good sport to socialize with friends over a match or league. In some workplaces, colleagues have also set aside time to bond over a competitive game. Over time, LAN parties have become a popular trend even to make new friends. However, LAN gaming requires a capable laptop that can handle high performance and good networking or connectivity. For those that spend time away from home or work playing LAN games, their personal relationships may suffer.

However, with the interweb here with us, online gaming allows you to connect with players worldwide. This way you can match your skills with a worthy opponent and keep upgrading your status or skill level. Online gamers now create their own communities, ideally choosing opponents or teams to play with. The beauty of this is that you simply need to log in and you are guaranteed to find a player from almost any part of the world. Playing with another player remotely may not be as fun as having one right there but it is convenient for many.

Online games have also been developed with more lucrative features including much better graphics that entice players more. Some have even gone a creative step further and developed virtual worlds that seem quite real. And unlike the old gaming system where one could only access a video game through a PC, online games can be accessed through several devices. As long as you have an internet connection, you can play via your consoles, PC, tablet or mobile device. Online gaming covers a variety of types including multiplayer, first-person shooters and strategy games.

LAN games are also being slowly phased out and online games rapidly increasing. With the developing world and advanced technology, online gaming is a culture spreading fast and is here to stay. There is every chance it will replace LAN games for many players.