LAN games existed even before the development of the internet. Even with the internet, LAN games still continue to thrive in the market. This is attributed to the fact that it is cheaper to set up a LAN connection than to play online. To play a LAN game one needs to have the necessary gaming devices. Consoles compatible with LAN connections have been developed. A personal computer is the preferred option for many gamers as it is easy to carry and can perform other tasks besides gaming, not to mention that it is now cheaper to secure one.

It is important to note that not all computers are good for gaming. Well, they may support LAN and also the game but the gaming experience could be a little less intriguing. So what do you need in a computer to have a great gaming experience?

LAN Port

The computer must be able to support a local area connection. This could be either through Ethernet cable or over WI FI. Almost all modern computers are enabled so this should be easy.

RAM & Processor

The pc should also have capabilities to support games without lag or drag. They should also offer great screen displays. Most games are often supported by computers with at least 8GB RAM and high processor speeds, speeds of about 2.4GHZ.


A good screen resolution is an added advantage to the gaming experience. Games work well also on computers with plenty of storage space, like a 1TB hard drive memory. Finally, though not as important, a PC with a good battery capacity will give you a little bit more playing time in case of a power outage.