LAN parties are some of the most popular gaming events around the world. This is because they can be held regularly within the week although most people prefer to hold them during the weekend. These parties can be held in the office after working hours, at home or in an open space provided there is electricity. These parties only provide the gamers with a network to play the game and mostly require gamers to attend with their personal stuff. Here at some of the things that you might be required to carry to a LAN party.


This is the most important equipment that is required. Most LAN parties do not provide gamers with computers or consoles to play games. Gamers are required to carry their own computers to the party. They are advised to have a high-quality computer which is capable of playing LAN games. Their computers should also have the ability to connect to a computer network with ease.


One should also carry data cables. These should help the computer connect to the Local Area Network being shared in the party. They may be of great use where the connection is through the Ethernet. These cables might not be of use if the network is created using a router. One should also carry the power cable of his or her computer to the LAN party.

A Surge Protector

This is to help protect your computer from any excess power or too little power which might damage it. One should not fully trust the power since it is for a party. The amount of power in that venue might not be sufficient to support the computers in the party thus causing some kind of power imbalance. One is also advised to carry a spare battery if possible.

Extra Game Controllers

You do not have a guarantee that your game controller will not break down while playing. These backup controllers come in handy if your first controllers get broken. You might also decide to help a fellow gamer with the controllers if his are broken. You should also make sure that these controllers are compatible with your personal computer.

Beer or Your Favorite Drink

The name of the gaming event itself suggests that it is a party. You should, therefore, have fun while playing the game and also have a drink of your own. You can also have a beer to help liven your moods while playing the game. You can also share your drinks with friends as they support you.

Projector or Screen

This is a piece of necessary equipment to help display your competition for people to see. A great view of your game might help you to capture the attention of the audience and some might end up supporting you.