LAN gaming is a multiplayer mode where two or more gaming devices are connected over a local area connection. LAN gaming parties involve hosting a number of gamers with an aim to compete and have fun whilst at it. Gaming parties are also used to try out demos of newly developed games before they are officially released into the market.

These parties may vary depending on size. One could host a small party of about five to ten connected devices. There are also larger parties of hundreds of people. Some even host thousands, with the record being 17,403 connections held at Dream Hack in 2013. To host a small LAN Gaming party, it does not require a lot of planning.

  • Adequate space to accommodate everyone
  • A network switch with enough ports for everyone.
  • Gamers bring their own computers.

Larger parties may require a little bit more planning. One could choose to accommodate consoles as well as personal computers. Larger routers and switches will be needed, also a large gaming hall should be hired. Refreshments are needed to keep everyone fighting fit, and possibly a sleeping space should be available if the event could last a long time.