One of the biggest digital festivals worldwide, Dream Hack is India’s largest gaming event that debuted last year. DreamHack is one huge LAN party where gaming fans and players have a sort of watch party. Instead of having digital exhibitors, accessories and other hardware and software sellers on an expo, the festival is more like a live movie theatre. Main event tournaments are displayed on various big screens and people come to watch. You can also bring along your PC to stream games. The festival has set apart an area with over 600 seating capacity and huge computer layouts to specifically enable this.

And it’s all play and entertainment. The festival also has great DJs on the decks, plenty of competitions and cosplay, among many more. So whether you are just getting the hang of gaming or an expert player, you can get as much time to play and have fun too. For gamers, there is such a wide variety of games to choose from that players can’t quite exhaust. This includes a section dedicated to virtual reality games, retro games and mobile title matches.

The last event was held in Mumbai in December with over 30 thousand e-sports fans in attendance.