LAN games have evolved and improved over the years. This has been attributed greatly to an increase in demand for games. Game developers have created more sophisticated games in response. These games require computers with specific features for them to function properly.

HP has been on the forefront to develop gaming computers. Their Pavilion desktop is just about the smoothest gaming computer a gamer can get. Its graphics are top-notch and the design is nothing short of bold. Over and above that, the PC keeps the owner in the loop with the ability to update regularly.

The Pavilion Gaming 15 includes a 15.6-inch 1080p display, running at either 60Hz or 144Hz, at least 8 gigs of RAM, and up to 1TB of solid-state storage. It weighs in at 5 pounds and features green or purple accents on the HP logo and the backlit keyboard.

Excellence was clearly a key area of focus in the creation of the HP Pavilion Gaming laptop. No matter what kind of games a player wants to engage in, the machine is up to the task. The processor (an Intel Core) and the laptop’s graphics are, again, right out of the top drawer.