There are great minds around the world that came up with gaming as a form of entertainment. The first computer games could only support one player in a game. The emergence of consoles brought some competition into computer games from the developers. This is because consoles could support multiple players as long as the console had multiple gamepads on it.

The brilliant minds had to get to work again and they made it possible for computer games to have multiple players. They then did one better as they introduced LAN gaming. This allowed people sharing the same computer network to compete amongst themselves. They later introduced online games which connected people across the globe.

LAN gaming and online gaming might seem similar due to their style of play. On the contrary, they are very different. Here are some of the differences between LAN and online gaming:

  • Size of Participating Teams

LAN games involve only a small group of people gathered in the same area playing computer games whereas online gaming only requires one to connect to the internet and search for an opponent. This implies that the LAN games may not be as challenging as online games. This is because opponents in the LAN games may be familiar with each other’s style of play since most of them are friends and are from the same area just sharing a network. On the other hand, online games offer a new challenge each time you pick an opponent. One can also improve his or her gaming skills while playing online company faster compared to when playing the LAN games. This is because one gets exposure from playing with gamers from each corner of the world.

  • Indulgence

LAN games are more entertaining compared to online games. This is made possible by the large crowd that is normally in attendance during a LAN game. The people watching the LAN game give their player morale to play as they spectate thus making it fun.

LAN games enable people to meet and know new people face to face whereas online games only enable people to meet using their accounts. A face to face meeting is more valuable compared to an online meeting where people may use a fake name and even a fake photo.