Are you planning a party, or a coming together? There is no better way of enjoying the bash more than playing together. Games are a great way for people to intermingle during a party. Find the best games that are fun, and best fits your guests and the event. Since playing the game requires internet connections, LAN can be an ideal way to provide an internet connection to all guests gracing your event. While playing games, your guests can also enjoy a nice music background. Nonetheless, it would be best if you researched to ensure that you do not encourage non copyright music download, which is illegal. With this, you will also be promoting the music industry.

However, most people fail to enjoy games when sharing the same network line. Some devices used in gaming can fail to function well since only one local network is used. To prevent such problems, this site is here to guide you about how you can successfully implement and setup LAN.

Using the Right Equipment

To successfully setup a LAN, you require the right equipment. This equipment includes the following:

  • Modem and broadband connections.
  • Computer, a smartphone, and other gadgets connecting to the internet.
  • Ethernet cables for all devices you want to connect.
  • A router

Connecting the Router

Routers are gateways between a home network and the internet. Moreover, the router is a means by which all gadgets on your network use for communication. With the right router, you can continue to connect it to the modem given by your ISP using an Ethernet cable.

Accessing and Locking down Router’s Interface

Through browsers of the devices you will use, you can access the interface of your router. Thus, change the IP address of the gadget you use to match that of your router. The device will connect to the new address after configuration, allowing communication between the gadget and the router. Hence, through the gadget, you can access the software of the router for setup.

Configuring Security

Although your party is open to everyone, you would not want your neighbors or passers by to steal your network. Therefore, change the default passwords to and add a stronger password. Make sure the password will be easy for the guests to master.