The most memorable and incredible moment a gamer can ever have is to relax with friends while playing some exciting games. The thrill that comes with face to face gaming competitions is unmatched. Contrary to what most people think, a great LAN gaming tournament does not have to be organized by big companies and hotels. You can gloriously throw an overnight LAN gaming tournament in your home.

To add thrill to the LAN gaming tournament, ensure that participants remain alert and enlivened throughout the night. Every player will thus love a soothing cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee. Buying the right tableware to serve refreshments and drinks helps transform the occasional short breaks into great bonding moments.

Nothing beats excellent coffee served in a great mug. Also, a stylish teacup adds excitement to every sip, which is why you need to get some unique and cute pieces for your guests. Porcelain mugs come in various stylish options, and they are chip resistant. A standard sized cup holds about 16 ounces and is ideal for a super refreshing sip during the short breaks.

Porcelain plates are perfect for LAN gaming parties because of their refined styles. Depending on the refreshments you will be serving, you can choose between plain cake plates and Swedish stone bowls for soups. Opting for standard-sized plates offers more space-saving opportunities when you are hosting the party in your small home.

To host the tournament on a budget, purchase discounted tableware sets. Further, coffee mugs serve as excellent gifts for a modern gamer. Trendy coffee mugs found at are affordable, and they come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials. So you have a rich selection to choose from depending on the number of winners you are gifting