LAN gaming is an immensely entertaining activity that lets friends and family bond with each other while playing games together. It builds a sense of community and gives a platform for the players to showcase their hard-earned gaming skills and later bask in the admiration of their fellow gamers. Multiplayer gaming has been popular ever since the internet was around and is only set to grow year after year.

While hosting a LAN party can be a fun and challenging task, they can’t accomplish much without some quality games involved. Listed here are some popular and enjoyable games meant to be enjoyed together:

  • League of Legends

This competitive MOBA game is one of the most played games in the world and allows the creation of local servers to play custom matches, ideal for LAN gaming. The game involves controlling a character from a pool of distinct classes of champions with unique abilities. One team consists of five play-controlled characters pitted against another team of five player-controlled characters. To achieve success in this game, a good mix of knowledge, coordination, and strategy is required making it a challenging team game.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This quintessential first-person game has gone through many iterations and has been a staple of LAN gaming since the early days. Being a first-person shooter, the game relies heavily on a player’s mechanical skill and reflexes rather than pure strategy. The game consists of two 5-player teams each fighting against each other for control of the map. The game is won when either of the team is successful in either eliminating all players of the opposing team or defusing/arming a bomb placed at certain key places on the map. The game offers different modes to maximize variety and fun, suiting all kinds of players.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft has taken the world by storm since its inception, as it allows for something that people enjoy most – building their own world out of pure imagination. Not only does it allow one to create customizable worlds, but it has dedicated multiplayer servers and LAN functionality making it a great choice for LAN parties.