Comfort is very important for anybody participating in LAN and Gaming. Everyone participating in a game tries to limit their time in front of the screen. However, a short game can often turn into a hard competition against friends or other players that can go for many hours. Here are some recommendations for what to wear;

Loose shoes and cool socks should be worn to prevent any restriction of blood flow to the feet. This may seem trivial during a short game but after many hours of playing it can be very uncomfortable to be wearing tight shoes and socks. There are many variations of footwear and a player should stick with something they feel the best in.

T-shirts that are loose and comfortable should be worn during a LAN game or a party, but a coat or sweater should be close by in case the room gets too cold all of a sudden. Cropped shirts and sweatshirts are a good option for female players when it is hot.

Light shorts or cool pants are the most comfortable option for sitting in the chair for long periods. Air tights are an excellent option for women as they are cool and comfortable. It can become hot during a competition and sweating can result so choose shorts or pants carefully. Some online websites like Aimn are a great places to shop for women.

Enjoy some of the best LAN games out there and feel comfortable why you do it. Wearing quality clothing during long hours of competition is important and will result in better competition when things gets fierce.