Gaming is widespread worldwide, with all ages and genders participating in the activity. It is the most financially lucrative phenomenon, surpassing incomes from both sports and movies. Like many activities, gaming has advantages and disadvantages to its users.


Some disadvantages of playing video games are related to the encouragement of violent behavior, social isolation, and adverse health effects, among others. Studies have shown that participating in violent video games teaches children to become aggressive. The tendency to play games for extended periods of time can also lead to social isolation. In addition, sitting for hours can have a detrimental effect on physical and mental health.

Addressing the Disadvantages

One way to address the disadvantages of violent games and social isolation is to arrange a LAN party for your child. Games such as Rocket League are not violent, and they can be played with friends in the same room. Parents can then arrange to follow gaming with a trip to the leisure center for physical activity, rounded off by a nice meal at the end of the day. Ergonomic gaming chairs can offset the problems of poor posture by giving proper support to the neck, shoulders, and lower back. Having plants inside the house will benefit health by reducing stress, cleaning the air, and being pleasing to look at.

Help With Your Plants

Maybe you don’t have ‘green fingers’ and need some help to take care of your plants, especially orchid watering. Orchids have an unfair reputation of being difficult to care for, but with the Planta care app, you can cope. Orchid watering is made easy with the reminders you will receive to help you make sure your plant gets the optimal amount of water. Planta also gives you tips on orchid watering, including the best type of pot to use, visual signs to look out for, and the different methods of watering.

Advantages of Gaming

Despite some of the adverse effects associated with gaming, there are also a number of advantages for your child. Gaming helps to encourage skills such as higher-order thinking, hand-eye coordination, improved visual-spatial abilities, teamwork, and creativity.

There are pros and cons to gaming, but the cons can be offset with the choice of games, LAN parties, exercise, and gaming chairs. Houseplants are also beneficial to mental health.