LAN (local area network) gaming has grown more popular over the past few decades. It is where players gather to set up a LAN connection or system to play different multiplayer games with each other. These gatherings are known as LAN parties. For gamers to have the time of their lives, it is essential to choose a quality game whose features are top-notch. One of the most thrilling and loved LAN games in 2021 is Rocket League. It always guarantees a great LAN party. Here are more details about it.

Everything You Should Know About Rocket League

Psyonix is the brains behind the development of Rocket League. The popular LAN sports game was released in 2015, and gaming enthusiasts could not be more excited. Playing it is surprisingly easy. Your job is to control a rocket-powered vehicle through jumping, accelerating, reversing, power sliding, and boosting. You’ll be racing against other rocket cars run by other gamers. Your primary goal is to outscore your opponent by bumping a big soccer ball to score a goal. Psyonix programmed the game to accept four players.

If you are new to Rocket League, it might take some time for you to master how to play, but do not be discouraged by the camera manipulation or the game’s complexity. You’ll get used to the intricate physics engine that controls the giant ball and your car’s movement. Fortunately, the controls are accessible and super easy to learn. The game offers expanded modes that you could try out with your friends at your convenience.

Since Rocket League’s launch a few years back, Psyonix has consistently shown tremendous support for it. The video game developer releases new modes and improves DLC options and connectivity to ensure that gamers have maximum fun when playing the PC game.